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ICSE, ISC Board exam 2022: How to score above 90 pc in class 10th, 12th semester 2 exams; check tips here

ICSE, ISC Board exam 2022: How to score above 90 pc in class 10th, 12th semester 2 exams; check tips here

As the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has already released the ICSE (class 10th) and ISC (class 12th) exam dates for the year 2022, students are gearing up for the exams. The exams for both classes will begin on April 25, 2022. With just one month left, students are expected to start preparation. They should follow a proper study plan or strategy to score good marks in the board exams.

However, it is important to do smart work along with hard work to be able to effectively prepare for the exams. A smart approach to prepare for the exams will include understanding the syllabus, making short notes, and solving sample papers instead of abruptly skimming through the syllabus.

Understanding the syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is one of the foremost important steps one needs to take while starting the preparation for the exams. This helps you to get a hold on all the topics that may come in the exams. When you analyse the syllabus you will get an understanding of what are the topics you are strong at and which topics require more attention. According, you can divide your time and start studying more efficiently and effectively.

Make a consistent study plan

Along with understanding the syllabus, it is important to study consistently. It means you should study every day for at least 4 hours or more depending on your level of preparation. You can always divide the time span into smaller slots and take breaks in between. But, studying consistently is the key to scoring higher marks. It helps you retain what you have read more prominently.

Solve previous years' question papers

This is yet another important step to help you score higher marks. Usually, the board repeats its questions from the previous years'. Analyzing and understanding the trend will help you identify repetitive topics or questions that regularly come in the exams. Accordingly, you can prepare in a limited time span.

Take notes

If you don't take notes but study hard, consider your preparation half done. It is because not only does writing while studying help to remember things more effectively but one can always fall back on notes for last-minute reference. Therefore, taking notes is a must to score high marks in the exams.